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How To Choose Your Wedding Dress Like A French Woman?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

All Parisian designers strive to emulate the effortlessness and individuality behind the choice to wear a simple yet unconventional look for a more traditional affair.

Fashion lovers are constantly on the lookout for the perfect French feminine style formula that says "I am not trying hard", and the same attitude can be applied when looking for the ideal wedding outfit.

As French designers, working in this industry for many years now, we truly believe it begins and ends with a laid-back sensibility, a desire for something that is, "discreetly chic".

We live now in England and many of our brides-to-be want to know what is the secret of Parisian style? How do French women manage to look so chic on their wedding day?

"Concision in Style, Precision in Thought, Decision in Life." V. Hugo

Well, French women are very precise. They want absolutely impeccable fabrics and cuts, especially if the dress is simple.

However, discernment and exigency are not the same, and Parisian brides know themselves and their individual style very well.

French brides like the idea of being unique and a little offbeat.

It is rare that a bride comes to us saying she wants the same dress as this celebrity or a dress she has seen in a magazine. They are looking for uniqueness.

In France, there's no such thing as 'bridezillas', on the contrary, Parisian women seek above all a 'chill' and 'bohemian' look.

In this post, we're sharing with you a few tips on how to become an Effortless French-Girl Bride on your wedding day!

Style with a 'je ne sais quoi'

The first thing Parisian brides always look for in their wedding dress is to feel like themselves. They don't want to look disguised. So if they are more casual for exemple, they would for example choose a versatile and confortable gown like our Daphne (Miss Dreamer Collection).

On the contrary, if they dream of a more sensual or sophisticated dress, they could certainly opt for 'Joy', 'Daisy', 'Jodie' or 'Delia'.

But above all, what French women are looking for is elegant simplicity!

The 'simply' stylish silhouette

Parisian brides generally demand easy, slip-style silhouettes and a relaxed skirt with an A-line waist. French women are very sophisticated in their choice but not necessarily in their appearance. They think a lot about their wedding dress, but the secret is that no one has to know about it. Our Jemma is very popular with our French brides for its 2-in-1 style which, thanks to her detachable skirt, allows you to change from a more traditional and glamorous dress to a shorter and more audacious model.

The Fabric

French women are typically attracted to light fabrics and quality lace, especially on the arms, as in our Jeanne, or a French nude lace like the popular 'Je suis'. Dresses with a touch of pale colours are very popular at the moment. It is also perfect for brides who want to add a modern touch to their outfit.


The French want delicate finishes and small details that make the dress precious. The idea is not to show off, but to wear a dress full of subtlety. Parisian women don't want to look too sophisticated, especially on their wedding day.

In this regard, some beautiful sleeves or our selection of hand-painted floral dresses are perfect !


Like brides from all over the world, French women love to spend time on blogs, Pinterest pages and Instagram feeds, but in the end, they are not so much influenced by the images they see.

They keep a lot of distance from major trends and celebrity influences. They know what suits them and (again!) they know themselves well.

There is no way to convince a Parisian bride that a puffy silhouette in a bustier meringue will suit her if that's not what she wants.


It depends on the dress and the type of wedding, but again, the ‘Je m’en foutiste’ (‘I don't care’) style applies. Parisian brides are not at all against headbands, hats, veils or gloves, indeed, accessories can bring a touch of fun and magic to the dress,

America, Asia, Europe, we sell dresses all over the world but we can tell you without being mistaken, that Parisian brides are the most specific.

In a way, we think they don't necessarily dream of their wedding, they don't want to look like a 'real' bride and for them, the wedding dress is only a continuity in their life, not a beginning...

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