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Une Jolie Balade®
Independant French Ceremony Artisan

For the Modern-day Adventurers...

A touch of chic and a dash of fun !

Founded by the sisters Nadège and Anoushka, following their Fashion studies and many years experience abroad, Une Jolie Balade® was born in 2018 from the spirit of two French stylists with a passion for Art and Cinema.


The two designers imagine feminine collections, the meeting of modern bridal couture and timeless chic, with always delicate vintage details.


From Parisian elegance to preppy casualness, a touch of freedom and a Hepburn vibe surround their latest collections, crafted with excellence in France.

​Specialist in Midi / Tea length, short and ankle wedding dresses, Une Jolie Balade® is the perfect choice for the Modern-day Adventurer with a nostalgic heart!

Sewing Machine
Flowers and Hand

Ethically Made

We like to be open about our ethical policies and we do everything we can to ensure that every part of our business is as Sustainable and ethical as possible.

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Ingrid, Southport

The wedding dresses are ALL so sublime. The choice of my daughter with a magnificent lace made me shed my little tear! I am a seamstress myself and I could appreciate the beautiful details of the dresses.

Amanda, Manchester

A very nice client service who advises, who really listens and who loves their job: thank you very much Sarah for accomodating us at the last minute.

Her goal is not to sell for the sake of selling but to really find THE right dress.  I sincerely recommend this French designer to all the future brides who are looking for something different.

Olivia, London

How to describe Une Jolie Balade?  Anne-Marie and her team have the fingers of fairies, an amazing vision, sublime materials, chic tastes and dresses that would make any bride's head spin!

They were a precious support, always right in their choices and suggestions while adapting to the person I am.

Bravo to them, for their work, I highly recommend them!

Vive la France

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