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Our Ethos

Une Jolie Balade® takes pride in being a sustainable bridal wear brand.

For us, it is important to not just create Unique Preppy and Modern wedding dresses but also to take our nature’s wellbeing into consideration.


From our fabrics, to our manufacturing and packaging.

From the supply chain, to the way we run the office, to the partners we work with and the packaging we send our dresses in, we promote sustainability wherever we can.

At Une Jolie Balade®, we truly believe that the most important dress of your life can be made with respect for the environment and the people in it.


All our dresses are handmade with Sustainable Fabrics!


We are constantly hunting for more recycled and sustainable fabrics and laces to create new beautiful, eco-friendly wedding dresses.


Most of our laces are made in England, Scotland, Germany and France.


All our dresses are made to order. This means we don’t hold any dresses in stock, except of course the samples in our showrooms.


When an order is placed, we will make the dress from scratch. This means we only make a dress when someone wants to wear it on their wedding day. This ensures that every dress we make has a personal connection.

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